How To Do An Accumulator

In this guide, we look at how to place an accumulator online. We’ll look at exactly how an accumulator bet works, plus how and where to get an enhanced odds accumulator. We’ll also answer some of the common questions about accumulator betting.

How Does An Accumulator Bet Work?

An accumulator bet is a combination of several single bets. When you create your own accumulator, you can choose exactly which bets you want to include. These can be from whichever events, markets or sports you like.

By combining different bets it is possible to make an almost infinite combination of different accumulators. However the majority of punters choose to keep things simpler. For example, you might create a football accumulator containing 5 strong home favourites.

Your accumulator bet wins if all of the individual bets within it are successful. If one or more of the bets within an accumulator don’t come in, your accumulator will lose (although some bookies may offer money back if you miss by one).

big odds accumulator
By combining bets in an accumulator you could turn a small stake into a huge win!
By combining multiple bets within an accumulator, you also increase the odds. The payout on an accumulator will depend on how many selections are in the accumulator, and what the individual odds of those selections are.

The return will be a combination of all those odds multiplied together. This can lead to some massive odds and potentially huge payouts, even when you only use a small stake.

How Do You Do An Accumulator?

how to do an accumulator
First select which bets you want to add to your accumulator
It’s usually very easy to place an accumulator bet with any of the leading online bookmakers. First you need to choose which bets you want to add to your accumulator. Each time you select a bet, it should be added to your betslip automatically.

How an accumulator betslip will look
How an accumulator betslip will look
As soon as there are multiple selections on the betslip, a stake box should appear which allows you to enter a stake for an accumulator. The stake box may be labelled differently depending on which bookmaker you are using. All you need to do is enter your stake in that box. The bet slip will usually show you what the combined odds of your accumulator are, and the potential return if your acca wins.

The process is similar wherever you bet, although there may be some differences in terms of exactly where you need to click. We have created individual guides that show you step by step how to do an accumulator at each of the major online bookies, including bet365, Betfair, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and SkyBet.

Can You Do Accumulators On Your Mobile

Yes, many bookmakers have apps which you can download for free. Some apps are better and easier to use than others, but the best will allow you to create accumulators quickly and easily. We would recommend checking a website such as to find the best mobile betting apps for accumulators.

How Many Teams Can You Put On An Accumulator?

Usually there is no limit to the number of teams or bets that you can add to your accumulator. The more teams you add, the harder it is to win, but the bigger the payout if you do.

How To Win On An Accumulator

To win an accumulator, you need all the bets within the accumulator to win. Many people like to create accumulators that only contain strong favourites that are very likely to win. That way the acca has a much better chance of winning, but the combined odds still give a good overall return.

In some cases it is also possible to make a profit from an accumulator before all the bets have been settled. This can be achieved by cashing out an accumulator when it is in a winning position. Not all bookies allow this, so if you think you might want to cash out you should check in advance whether this feature is allowed before choosing which bookie to bet with.

How Does A 5 Fold Accumulator Work?

A 5-fold accumulator is simply the terminology used for an accumulator with 5 selections. So a 6-fold comprises 6 selections, a 7-fold has 7 selections and so on. It’s just a different name for exactly the same thing, so it works in exactly the same was as described above.

Best Way To Do Accumulators

The best way to do an accumulator is to keep it as simple as possible. Of course everybody wants to land an acca with the best possible odds, but you also need to give yourself the best chance of winning. There is no point in adding selections you’re not sure about, simply to boost the odds of your accumulator, because doing so means it’s less likely to come in.

So my advice would be, pick the bets you’re most certain of, add them to your acca and you’ll probably be very pleasantly surprised at the return you’ll get.

That doesn’t mean you should only pick favourites. Just use your own judgement. If you think a favourite won’t win, don’t add it. Likewise if you think an outsider has a good chance, you should add it. Just make sure that your accumulator selections are based on your own judgement, not just on the odds.

What Is An Enhanced Accumulator?

An enhanced accumulator is a bookmaker offer where they have decided to increase the price of a specific acca. The advantage of an enhanced accumulator is that the odds you get are often two or three times more than they would be normally.

The disadvantage is that you don’t get to choose the selections in the acca yourself, they have been chosen by the bookmaker. So it may or may not be an accumulator that you would normally place, but if it does come in the return is usually massive, so they are certainly worthwhile.