How To Calculate Accumulator Returns

So we’ve already looked at how to place an accumulator, but many people also ask how are accumulator odds calculated? So let’s take a look at exactly how to work out the accumulator’s odds…

How To Work Out Odds In An Accumulator

If you want to know how much your accumulator is going to be worth, it’s actually not too difficult. However, unless you’re a maths genius, using fractional odds can get way too confusing. So the simplest way to calculate the accumulator return is to work with decimal odds.

how to work out accumulator odds
Your betslip will show you the combined odds of your accumulator
When you change to decimal odds, the simple way to work out the odds of an accumulator is simply to multiply all the prices together.

Look at the example on the right. This is a simple 3 team accumulator. The three selections have odds of 2.5 (6/4), 2.0 (evens) and another at 2.0 (evens).

All we need to do is multiply these together (use a calculator if necessary). So in this case the accumulator’s odds will be 2.5 x 2 x 2 = 10.0.

The Easiest Way To Work Out Accumulator Odds

There is an even easier way though, because when you bet online you don’t have to calculate anything. The betslip does all the work for you! You can see in the above example that the betslip tells you that the odds of this treble are 10.0, and that if you stake £10 your return will be £100.

In fact, you didn’t even need to switch to decimal odds (this was only for demonstration purposes). If you prefer fractional, the betslip will still work out the odds for you and tell you exactly how much your accumulator is worth in fractional odds format instead.

The example above comes from a Betfair accumulator, but you’ll find that each of the other major bookmakers we feature here at The Accumulator does exactly the same thing.

You can easily change the selections in your accumulator by adding more bets, or removing the bets you already selected (just click the red X next to the selection you want to remove). When you make a change, the betslip updates automatically and recalculates the accumulator odds and return for you.

So there you have it. Whilst it’s fairly easy to calculate the odds of an accumulator using decimal prices, when you bet online you don’t have to calculate anything! All the work is done for you, so all you have to worry about is which bets to include in your winning acca!